Hi! I’m Liz Christiansen, creative director and founder of Lula Creative, located in Brisbane, Australia.

Graduating from university with a Bachelor of Design Studies majoring in graphic design, I have over 25 years diverse design experience across advertising and design studios.

Lula Creative offers unique, transformative and memorable branding design with a passion for creative thinking and effective, emotive visual communication. I work across branding, logo design, creative communications, hand-lettering and surface pattern design.

With a diverse and unique creative style, I’m focused on delivering creative, versatile and visual design solutions that is right for you and your brand. Your brand is an investment in your business – successful branding will define and positively impact your business.

I am also passionate about design education and sharing my knowledge and maintain a university sessional academic position within typography and print subjects. This challenges me to be a better designer by maintaining and sharing core design and typographic skills as well as keeping up to date with the design industry and software.

I can work with you across print design and all digital mediums to create a cohesive and consistent brand presence on all platforms. Together, I will help you define and connect with your core brand values to create something that is uniquely you and infused with your brand vision and personality.

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While each design project is unique and approached differently and the end result is vital – to develop the best possible outcomes for my clients – the journey is an important part of my creative process to ensure the design work we create together is right for your brand.

I work closely with you on a collaborative process to develop unique results. Not only the right aesthetics but the right solution that speaks in your brand voice.

Here’s a brief overview of my creative approach:


We start together

The design process starts with setting the tone of your brand. Your passion for what you do is inspiration and I tap into this with a questionnaire to source your vision and values and then we develop a brief.



After the brief is established and the timeframe outlined – it’s a phase of discovery: researching, sourcing inspiration, exploring colour schemes, developing mood and vision boards.


The creative

Next phase is design thinking and ideas development. Visual inspiration is initially derived from your brand keywords and core brand values. From there I start to conceptualise, generate ideas and work visually ensuring everything works back in to your brand vision. Multiple concepts are generated by hand with pencil, ink and paper and then taken into the digital realm – scanning sketches and working with them digitally.


Your brand outcome

Once concepts have been finalised digitally, a concept presentation is created including research, inspiration and concept rationales for your review. After the presentation, I’ll source feedback then move to a fine-tuning phase of the design files and the development of further brand elements and the visual identity once the concept is approved.


Brand applications managing your brand ongoing

Your brand mark and visual identity is finalised and we can start to apply your logo to brand applications and design collateral – developing any of your printing and digital design requirements. Then it’s time for your brand to stand out and shine!

Effective branding is about clear and consistent use of your brand elements ongoing. I can also create and develop a Brand Standards Guide tailored to your requirements.

More about Liz

I’m a creative person and my design mantra is simple – to create beautiful, engaging and meaningful work. In a highly digital world, I love creating design work with a human touch – with a hand-made, hand-drawn aesthetic and all my digital work begins with pencil, ink and paper.

My design passions include branding, colour, surface pattern development and typography – especially hand-drawn/illustrated type and lettering. I had an early love affair with letterforms and type – as a child of a generation where importance was placed on beautiful handwriting, I admired my parent’s cursive handwriting from an early age and devoured my sister’s lettering book she had from studying signwriting, a book I still reference to this day. That love of letterforms developed over time and lead me to studying graphic design. I love the personality and uniqueness of hand lettering and what that can bring to a brand – it features often throughout my work.

In addition to graphic design and branding, I am working as a surface pattern designer and artist. I can incorporate supporting visual elements unique to your branding in the form of a repeat pattern and bold graphics to use across your print collateral (stationery, packaging etc) or work with you on developing a repeat pattern for a surface design. I’m available for design and creative projects, licensing and commissions.

When I’m not designing, you can find me with my family, making patterns and art or on roller skates. I also work with silver, resin and other materials to design and make jewellery.

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I love working and collaborating with like-minded individuals and organisations and look forward to connecting with you.

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