What we do

Lula Creative will work with you from the conceptual beginnings of your design project to the finished piece.

Services include:

Branding & Logo Design

Lula Creative specialises in brand identity packages and logo development for organisations, businesses, entrepreneurs and creative startups. Whether it’s developing a new or emerging brand or re-positioning an existing one, Lula Creative has your branding requirements covered.


  • Brand development including discovery phase, research, concept development, creative direction and positioning
  • Logo and icon set design packages designed unique to your branding. Using your brand elements for design consistency and to reinforce your branding
  • Wordmark/logotype and monogram logo design packages available if you would like a focus on specific letterforms as part of an icon
  • Visual identity development of supporting brand elements such as colour schemes, support graphics, typography, supporting graphic elements such as brand patterns and icons.
  • Development of brand management systems, guides and brand boards – tools to empower you to continue using your brand to strengthen and reinforce your brand values after the branding process is completed
See our Transformational Branding package and outline here.
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Creative Communications

We offer graphic design for all creative communications across print and digital collateral and products.

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Hand Drawn Type & Lettering

Whether it’s developing a unique logotype for a brand or for a particular application like a book cover, poster, packaging or event, Lula Creative offers bespoke hand lettering and hand-drawn type design.

Contact Lula Creative today to discuss your custom lettering project requirements.

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Surface Pattern Design

We can design and develop your surface pattern design requirements with a hand-drawn or digital focus – with a custom surface pattern design unique to your branding.

This unique graphic will reinforce your branding by using elements from or inspired by your brand mark. A seamless repeat pattern design developed can be used as a part of your branding system and visual toolkit across digital and printed brand touch points including:

  • Packaging
  • Stationery designs
  • Gift wrap
  • Publication designs
  • Products and apparel
  • Interior branded elements like signage and wallpaper designs.

Contact Lula Creative today to discuss our Brand and Surface Pattern Design and Development packages.

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Illustration & Infographics

Illustrative and infographic work can be designed and aligned with your branding for consistency.


  • Illustrated maps
  • Digital and hand-drawn illustration
  • Icon designs
  • Infographic design and diagrams
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Collage + Mixed Media

Lula Creative can develop unique artwork across collage, photomontage and mixed media to use as:

  • A unique brand and supporting graphic element
  • For a particular application like a book cover design, editorial graphics, a poster or event graphics.
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