Growlife Medical

Lula Creative worked with Growlife Medical to bring their brand vision to life of a complete & integrated healthcare practice providing high quality, approachable, lifelong care for patients, family and community.

With a fresh, unique and trustworthy approach that sets them apart from other general practices – every brand touch point encapsulates the patient, family and community connections of their vision and values as health professionals. The brand mark highlights the individual patient at the centre of their practice, with the community encompassing the individual. Like tree growth rings that grow outwards with new growth and each ring marking a season or weather pattern, the leaf shapes also symbolise different stages of life and health of an individual with concepts of strength and nurturing. The branding and visual identity also focuses on how these connections continue to grow and shine through over the lifespan of care with the lifelong continuity between a patient and their doctor.

Growlife Medical continue to grow strongly and have been highly successfully since their launch within their community growing to 3 different locations in a short period of time.

Project included:

Branding and logo design / visual identity development / print design

“We have worked with Liz since the inception of Growlife Medical. We came to her with a vision for our future community general practices, and described how we believed that our focus on growing the health of individuals, families and their communities differed from other practices. Liz took the time to listen to our ideas, and translated them into a visual representation that resonated with us. It turns out it also resonated with our team and community. She has since worked on many brochure designs, minor rebrands and materials to communicate what we believe in, and our services. It has been great to work with Liz over 5 years to grow our brand from idea to small business to medium sized enterprise. We have always found the quality of her work and consistency of branding to be of a really high standard, believe that a good part of our brand success belongs to her, and would gladly recommend her work to others.”

Alison & Aaron Chambers
CoFounders, Growlife Medical Group
Branding + logo design
Surface pattern design showcase
Hand-drawn type, lettering + illustration
Hand lettered brand showcase
Branding + logo design
Press Paws Psychology
Branding + logo design
Dawn Complete Health and Wellbeing

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