Dawn Complete Health and Wellbeing

The design work and branding completed for Dawn Complete Health and Wellbeing and the Women’s Wellness Research Collaborative (WWRC) is at the core of Lula Creative’s design mantra – to create meaningful and engaging work.

The design work encompasses not only the core brand development work for Dawn, but ongoing individual health and wellness programs. Projects involve working with researchers and academics who are truly making a difference in the health and wellness of women worldwide. Dawn is a brand that unifies all the research, training and programs – a public/community facing brand for WWRC. The branding is inspired by the dawn of a new day and the possibility that arises with each new day. Lula Creative also worked on the brand name development for Dawn Complete Health and Wellbeing.

Each program involves development of individual branding and illustrations, designed printed journals and other print collateral developed as part of 12-week research-based wellness programs – creating designs that are connected to the women’s recovery journey.  It’s rewarding work with a finished outcome that makes a difference in the lives of women living with chronic illness or recovering from Cancer.

The research teams that are part of the collaborative crossover many universities – centered with director Professor Debra Anderson at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and other researchers for different programs within Dawn are based across many institutions including Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, University of Auckland and Kings College in London.

Project included:

Branding and logo design / brand name development / visual identity development / print design / website design with web development partner worktrainweb

“Liz has worked with us on designs for our Women’s Wellness Research Programs for almost 10 years and we love her work. She continually delights us with her novel and amazing designs for our logos, websites and promotional material. She is professional and brilliant and brings to her work qualities of enthusiasm, mixed with an ability to make deadlines.”

Professor Debra Anderson
Director – Dawn Complete Health and Wellbeing and the Women's Wellness Research Collaborative and Dean of the Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney
Branding + logo design
Infrastructure Project Solutions
Branding + logo design
Cub Care
Branding + logo design
Patch Therapeutics
Branding + logo design
Surface pattern design showcase

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